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Welcome to Powell High School!

1151 E. 7th, Powell, WY 82435
(307) 764-6181


Welcome to Powell High School’s webpage. On behalf of Mr. Wormald and myself, we would like to thank you for taking a few minutes to visit our site. As our school, district and community become more familiar, we believe our outstanding faculty and staff, dedicated students, supportive parents and tremendously educationally oriented community, will give insight to the goals and ideals of our district.

Developing our students individual strengths, providing opportunities for career exploration, exposing students to new technologies and working to develop a life-long desire for learning are just some of the ideals we feel are important for our students. Our students performance in the classroom, on state and nationally standardized tests, in state and national competitions, in athletics and activities, and in community projects provide a great deal of pride for the Black and Orange Panthers. Our facilities are second to none, and the ability for us to host regional and state events also enhances opportunities for our students and community.

Powell High School has maintained a long tradition of excellence in academics, activities, and athletics. We are committed to providing our students, inside and outside the classroom, with the opportunities to improve educationally and individually to become successful in a fast-paced and quickly changing world. The support of our community and Board of Directors constantly re-enforces our mission of “Preparing Students for Life.” As we continually look to improve our methods of teaching and learning, we hope to expand opportunities for real-life experiences for our students. Focusing on updating and aligning our curriculum, utilizing more across the curriculum type of teaching strategies, and making sure our subjects challenge our students are the keystones to make sure our students are prepared for life after high school.

We invite you to stop by for a visit or give us a call if we can provide any information to showcase our students, staff, school, and community. Again, thank you for taking time to visit with us. 

Daily Schedule                                 Early Release Schedule

0  7:15-8:00                                      0    7:15-8:00

1st  8:05-8:55                                   1st  8:05-8:35

2nd  9:00-9:50                                  2nd  8:40-9:10

3rd  9:55-10:45                                 3rd  9:15-9:45

4th  Lunch 10:50-11:40                     Prime Time  9:50-10:20

5th Lunch  11:45-12:35                     7th  10:25-10:55

6th  12:40-1:30                                 4th Lunch 11:00-11:30

7th  1:35-2:25                                   5th Lunch  11:35-12:05

8th  2:30-3:20                                   6th 12:10-12:40

                                                       8th  12:45-1:21

Jim Kuhn

     Tim Wormald
   Assistant Principal