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Park County School District #1
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Home School Information

Any family who lives in the boundaries of Park County School District #1 and educates their child(ren) through home-based education is required by state statute to submit a curriculum to the local board of trustees annually. The compulsory ages of attendance are seven through sixteen. Please see the full statute on this page – Wyoming State Statute 21-4-102

Please submit annual reporting form with complete curriculum information to Joyce Ruward at the administration office at 160 North Evart Street.

Pursuant to Enrolled Act No. 94, House of Representatives, amending W.S. 21-4-101(a)(ii) and by creating new paragraphs (iii) through (vi), 21-4-102 by creating a new subsection (b), 21-11-101 and 21-11-106 relating to education; providing definitions; providing criteria for home-based educational programs; providing for licensing private schools; providing exceptions; and providing for an effective date.

Pursuant to W.S. 21-4-102(b), notice is hereby given that parents residing in Park County School District #1 and wishing to establish a home-based educational program for their own children shall annually submit a basic academic educational program pursuant to W.S. 21-4-101(a)(vi). It shall be the responsibility of every person administering a home-based educational program to submit a curriculum to the local board of trustees each year showing that the program complies with the requirements of this subsection.

Curriculum plan report forms are available on this page or at the Superintendent's Office, 160 North Evarts, Powell, Wyoming. Submit these completed forms by August 1 of each year for review and submittal to the board of trustees of Park County School District #1 at their first regular meeting in August.