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Nurse's office

It’s a simple fact: we learn better when we feel good. But sometimes even the healthiest kids get sick at school. Our school nurses care about the children and are there to lend a sympathetic hand (or clean clothes!) for everything from scraped knees to upset tummies to waterlogged clothes.

Prescription Medication Administration

Students who must take prescription medication during school hours must provide the nurse’s office with a Prescription Medication Permission form signed by the treating physician.

A parent/guardian must personally deliver medications to the school office in the original prescription bottle that includes the student’s name and dosing instructions. Students may not carry prescription medication on campus.


Wyoming Law WS 21-4-309 has specific mandates regarding immunizations of students in public schools. Immunizations may be received through your private medical provider or through contacting Park County Public Health at (307) 754-8870.

In the event of a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak, all children who are not fully immunized against the specified disease, or those granted an exemption for the vaccine that prevents the specified disease, shall be excluded from attending the school or childcare facility during the existence of the outbreak.


To ensure the Wyoming Department of Health is aligning with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Omnibus Rule, Wyoming school nurses must obtain a parent/guardian agreement before accessing a student's immunization records within the Wyoming Immunization Registry (WyIR).

We will not access any student records in the WyIR without a written or verbal parent/guardian agreement. Please be sure you have completed the IR Access Agreement form.