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Park County School District #1
Driven by Excellence

Park #1 Virtual Academy Application

Spring 2024 enrollment is now open through January 11, 2024.

Parent Information
*Are you a resident of the state of Wyoming?
*Are you Hispanic?
Student Information
*Student currently expelled or recommended for expulsion?
*Has your student been diagnosed with disability or on 504/IEP?
If yes, please attach the 504 plan and/or IEP to the application.
If currently in school:
Technology Information
*Does your student need a Chromebook and charger for classes?
*Does your student have internet to access all the classes?
Student Response
Have you taken any online classes in the past?
Please read through all the disclosures and check the box below to complete your application.
I understand that I need to register my child in Infinite Campus as a student of Park County School District #1.
I understand that if my child would like to return to in-person instruction, I must make that decision within the first week of their Virtual Academy Orientation start date or wait until the start of the next semester. Elementary students may decide at the start of each trimester.
I understand that my student will still have to take the state test (WY-TOPP in grades 3–10 or ACT in grade 11).
*By checking this box you agree you are aware of the above.