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Park County School District #1
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Pre-K Transition Program

The purpose of the prekindergarten transition program is to collaborate with early childhood programs and services, while providing information and serving as a resource to others. We utilize a variety of instructional strategies and curricular content to prepare our prekindergarten children for school.

Our Goals

  • We will provide up-to-date instructional strategies and developmentally appropriate learning activities to better prepare our prekindergarten students for the transition to kindergarten.
  • We will develop a collaborative partnership between Park County School District #1, Northwest College, preschools, child- and family-centered community programs, daycare organizations, and parents. This partnership will establish a continually growing environment that provides the best preparation and education for prekindergarten through 12th grade students of our community so they are career and college ready.

Kindergarten Readiness

Each child learns differently and will make progress at different times. The following list reviews suggested developmental and academic readiness skill that children should know or be exposed to while preparing for kindergarten.


Our preschool classes prepare students for kindergarten by using the same routines and curriculum as the kindergarten classes. We enjoy circle time, academic lessons, art, science, social/emotional lessons, participate in hands-on learning, games, and social play opportunities.

We have limited space, so please register to attend.

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