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Park County School District #1
Driven by Excellence

Parent & Special Student Services

Park County School District #1 provides a number of supplemental and alternative programming for students and their families. They include federal and state programming in the areas of Title I, special education services, summer school, and summer migrant school. The district also provides a number of extended day programs and an alternative high school, the Shoshone Learning Center

Special Education

Our ultimate goal in special education is to help all children meet their full potential by providing extra support, guidance, and specialized instruction. Without a doubt, our district has extremely gifted teachers and personnel who are keenly focused on helping these very special students meet their IEP goals and objectives.

Title I

All of the schools throughout the district receive federal Title I monies, and all provide supplemental services for students who qualify in the areas of both math and reading.

Life Skills

Have you visited the BUSY BEAN yet? The PHS Life Skills coffee shop is open for business! We have coffee, flavored lattes, smoothies, and more—all prepared by our own students.