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Park County School District #1
Driven by Excellence


Welcome to the Department of Information Technology! 

Our I.T. team strives to provide the best services to the district. This includes supporting the tech goals of our school board, superintendent, staff, and students. We provide the PCSD #1 community with service and support with the most efficient and suitable technology available in order to create a setup that supports 21st century learning.

What We Do

We strive to ensure a reliable and secure network to over 2,000 users covering 10 buildings over 1,400 square miles. From upkeep and repair to deploying new devices district-wide to staff training, we cover all things technology.

Recent Changes


We replaced 159 wireless access points within the schools to bring faster internet to our staff and students. With the one-to-one student devices, changing out access points that can handle more was a must. This ensures we can support the technology that has deployed and future technology upgrades.


In recent years the staff computers have faced three major issues. First, with updates made to the operating systems it caused the computers a lot of strain. Second, our older computers began to run slower and slower. Lastly, it was becoming very difficult to find parts to fix these old computers. Due to these factors we needed to make an upgrade. Below is the percentage of boxes changed out per school.

  • 76% of high school staff
  • 79% of middle school staff
  • 70% of Shoshone Learning Center staff
  • 82% of Parkside/Clark staff
  • 84% of Southside staff
  • 75% of Westside staff

I.T. Help Desk

In March of 2019, we launched a new ticket system for the techs. For the first step, we asked the staff to send emails to our help desk and it would create a ticket. This past fall, we added the ability for staff to log in to the help desk portal and create the tickets themselves. Inside the portal, staff can also view and comment on all their tickets.

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