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Announcements, recognitions, and district issues that affect the voting and tax paying public—if you need to know about it, we’ll have it here.

District Newsletters

We want you to know the great things happening in our school district. Please visit this page regularly for the latest newsletters and information.

The Dish

Middle School Health Bar filled with fruits and veggiesWe have a new addition to our monthly newsletters, a section called "The Dish", which will feature information from our PCSD #1 Food Service Professionals! We’ll be featuring articles and information regarding our menus, healthy eating habits, upcoming events, and recipes! Our December feature is our health bar, which is available at every school. The fruits and vegetables offered in the health bars are in addition to the fruit and vegetable provided with every school lunch in our district. The items on the health bar are free of charge and available to all students, whether they chose the school prepared lunch or packed a lunch from home.

6th Graders around a cafeteria tableWhen asked about the health bar, many of the sixth graders we interviewed said they take advantage of the fresh offerings. A few have tried items not frequently found in their kitchens at home and encouraged their parents to consider purchasing items like zucchini, sugar snap peas, and star fruit after being introduced to them on the health bar. Learning to make healthy choices as children certainly helps to instill healthy lifelong habits. Jill Queen, food service director, recommends asking your students what good things they put in their bodies today; food is always a fun conversation starter!