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Park County School District #1
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Announcements, recognitions, and district issues that affect the voting and tax paying public—if you need to know about it, we’ll have it here.

District Newsletters

We want you to know the great things happening in our school district. Visit our News page regularly for the latest newsletters and information.

New Visitor Protocols

The 2018-2019 school year brought new changes district wide! All of our school buildings have adopted the yellow visitor sticker requirement. This new system helps communicate with our staff members that you have building access for the day. Please remember to arrive early and bring your driver's license to obtain a yellow sticker at the kiosk. We will not allow you to enter past the front office without it. We thank our community members for understanding and complying with this new policy as it helps protect our students and ensure school security and safety.

District Board Upcoming Topics

Many of our students in Park County School District #1 cross canals and railroad tracks before and after school that often experience heavy traffic. The district school board has been asked to consider approving recommendations to operate district buses on private roads within the city limits of Powell to eliminate these potential safety hazards for our students. We will continue to update you on the situation.